Heroes of Horror

Welcome to Heroes of Horror! It is a new day and much is to be had. As you gather from all points of the Realm a new darkness approaches. The air is heavy and thick with anticipation.
The feeling is dread and the days are getting shorter. You are few among many who can approach the challenge to discover, why now, the reason for this uneasiness.

The Campaign takes place in the world of Nerath, A savage and unsettled place. Although your characters are from all parts of the world the shadow of fear has brought many unlikely companions together. Your backstories are crucial to quest creation and plot development. Be creative and make use of the maps that are available to tell your story.


Strange creatures have been seen roaming the countryside. Creatures that are not of this world or any other. Will you let the threat grow or step up to the challenge and defeat these abominations? Seek answers where you can. There must be a reason why they are here!


Heroes of Horror

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